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King Arthur and Mr Bean


Arthur Scargill  was born in 1938, he was president of the NUM from 1982 to 2002. and led them in the miners strike of 1984-5. Bean.png

Born in 1959 in Handsworth, Sheffield. His films include “Lord of The Rings”, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” and “When Saturday Comes”. He studied acting at RADA but prior to this he studied Drama at Rotherham College


Chartists in South Yorkshire – The Mexborough Connection.

The next Heritage Society talk will now be held on Wednesday 28th of March at 7.15pm, after poor weather caused it to be cancelled last month. Ian parks will be discussing the mid nineteenth century Chartist movement and its links to South Yorkshire and Mexborough. Chartism was a movement in favour of the working people of Britain, which aimed, to get votes for everyone over 21 years old, and make it possible for working people to stand for parliament, thus gaining a voice. Much of its philosophy was spread through poetry and song, and through mass meetings which became very unpopular with the government of the time.

Ian has a comprehensive knowledge of the subject and the evening promises to be both entertaining and informative.