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Save the Red Lion

The Society needs your help to prevent the demolition of the Red Lion Public House on Bank St. This is a building of historical interest which is situated in a conservation area. We believe that it dates back to 1827. If we do not do anything about it, what other buildings in the conservation area will be next? Our society was founded to preserve our heritage, and we must not let this building go without putting up a fight. It was damaged in a fire just before Christmas, but we believe that it is still structurally sound and could be restored to its former glory. Could you please write to the Council, or follow the link and instructions below to register your objection. The more people who do this, the more  the planning department will have to take notice, so your actions are important.

Click Here to go to the planning section of the Doncaster Council Website

Then click to agree to the terms and conditions and enter the reference number 17/03136/FUL

This will take you to a page on which you can fill in your details and make a comment.
Also tick box OBJECTOR.

Click on Submit.  You do not have to register to do this,  but if you do, you will then be allowed to inspect planning documents and submissions.

Or write a letter quoting Ref No 17/03136/FUL to

Mark Ramsey
Senior Planning Officer
Doncaster M.B.C Civic Office
Doncaster, DN1 3BU.

Many thanks for taking the time to help


The Red Lion as it was before the fire. This can be seen on a YouTube video which has eerily prescient comments beneath it

Red Lion - 200 dpiThe Red Lion in sepia toned days of yore. Even if its days as a pub are gone forever, with restoration, it could look like this again and be used for other purposes, standing as an example of the rich history of our area.

Poster 1834 fadedThis old poster heralds an auction which took place at the Red Lion almost 184 years ago.

Allport's Eye

The Ferryman and the Sculptor

Two new pieces from the pen of Derek Allport, a local artist famed for his caricatures of people who have achieved in Sport, Media, Performance, caring, Comedy and Poetry – plus few Rascals.

The Ferryman

The Ferryman

A ride on the old ferryboat in the 1920s. The identity of the ferryman is unknown. He could be a member of the Roper or Bisby families.

It was still making the crossings in the 1950s. I seem to remember it costing a penny.

Charles and Mick

Charles and Mick2

Charles Jagger (left) sculptor, was born in Kilnhurst in 1885. He was a brother of David and Edith Jagger who were both painters. Their father Enoch was the local colliery manager. The three siblings attended Sheffield school of art before becoming successful in the London art world. David was famous for war memorials in such locations as Paddington and Hyde Park. He died in 1934.

Many people thought that he was related to Mick Jagger, but family trees indicate that this is not so.

They are depicted above in reverse roles.

Website Messages

New Year, New Website

Here’s wishing a happy new year and a happy new website to all associated with Mexborough.

Don’t worry, the original Mexborough Heritage Website isn’t going anywhere. Its there as an archive. To be honest, I just don’t have the skills, or the time to go about updating it, so I believe that it is time for a new one. One that I may have a chance of maintaining.

Although the time I have to work on this project is very limited, I would love to receive your suggestions for articles and features. Better still, I would love to receive your articles and features, in a format that I could easily upload to the site.

For the time being this would mean articles of up to 500 words, perhaps accompanied by a few photographs (shall we say no more than five for now?). I would also be interested to receive links to other sites which may be of interest to users of this one.

Thanks in advance for all your help and support


The Mexborough Hippodrome

The  first Heritage Society Talk of the new year will take place on Wednesday January 31st. Mike O’Brien will be taking an irreverent look at the history of the Mexborough hippodrome, focusing on some of the famous and not so famous and acts who performed there over the years. Expect some of Mike’s trademark attempts at singing, cracking bad jokes and generally showing off.



A Tribute to Ron James

The Heritage Society talk for November 2017 was a tribute to the late Ron James, a great friend of the society who sadly passed away earlier in the year. Ron had a great enthusiasm for photography and cinematography, and used his skill in these areas to benefit the society in a number of ways, documenting events and activities in the area for many years, and helping with the production  of a number of books, videos and latterly, DVDs.

Giles Brearley and Ken Wyatt gave an informative talk, detailing many aspects of Ron’s life. He was a modest man who had seen active service in the RAF and enjoyed paragliding well into his retirement. we were privileged to have him among us and will miss him greatly.