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The Livesey Dynasty

Thomas Livesey gave up his job as a railway engineer to create a travelling theatre group.Hhe illustration below shows them on their way to the next mining town with their portable “Paragon Theatre”. In later years they would build the Prince of wales theatre in Mexborough. Thomas had formed an acting dynasty which would last until the mid 20th Century.

Allport's Eye

Carleton Henry Allport

Carleton Henry Allport was born in Camberwell and spent all his working life in the service of the post office. he was the assistant operational supervisor of the Sheffield post office. When he retired he came to live in the Old Hall inConisborough. There he spent the rest of his days perusing antiquarian historical research, publishing numerous papers for local societies and writing his “History of Conisborough”. It was said that he could extract information from the most unpromising of sources. He died ages 62 in 1916.

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The Mexborough Royal Visit 1912

King George V and Queen Mary Visited Mexborough in July 1912. That morning, the royal couple had heard news of the disaster at Cadeby Colliery, where they had visited the previous day. The good people of Mexborough still turned out in their finery to doff their caps, wave their hats and dandle their children before royalty. 

Undeterred by that morning’s bad news, later that day George descended into Elsecar colliery, becoming the first British Monarch ever to go down a mine.