Allport's Eye

The Ferryman and the Sculptor

Two new pieces from the pen of Derek Allport, a local artist famed for his caricatures of people who have achieved in Sport, Media, Performance, caring, Comedy and Poetry – plus few Rascals.

The Ferryman

The Ferryman

A ride on the old ferryboat in the 1920s. The identity of the ferryman is unknown. He could be a member of the Roper or Bisby families.

It was still making the crossings in the 1950s. I seem to remember it costing a penny.

Charles and Mick

Charles and Mick2

Charles Jagger (left) sculptor, was born in Kilnhurst in 1885. He was a brother of David and Edith Jagger who were both painters. Their father Enoch was the local colliery manager. The three siblings attended Sheffield school of art before becoming successful in the London art world. David was famous for war memorials in such locations as Paddington and Hyde Park. He died in 1934.

Many people thought that he was related to Mick Jagger, but family trees indicate that this is not so.

They are depicted above in reverse roles.


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